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Collection: Show Auriculas (Self, Striped, Fancies, Greys & Greens)

Auriculas have a wealth of history dating back as early as 1700's.
Becoming most popular in the Victorian era, where gentlemen gathered at local pubs wearing their bowlers hats to exhibit their Auriculas, in hopes of winning a copper kettle!

Auriculas originate from the Alps, therefore a fully hardy alpine plant, requiring free draining soil. Growing high up in the alps they like to grow in a cool spot. 
Grow these in light semi-shade, anywhere where it wont cook in the heat of the summer months.

We recommend using an equal ratio of john innes No.2, mixed with multi-purpose compost and horticultural grit (perlite or vermiculite) 

Auriculas are split into catagories - 
Alpines ( gold and light centered) (A)
Doubles (D)
Show Striped (Str)
Show Selfs (S)
Show Green / Grey Edged (Gr / Gy)
Show Fancies (F)

Border, Alpine and Double Auriculas can be grown outside throughout the year either planted out or grown in containers. The Show types (Edges, Selfs and Stripes), however, need some protection from the elements until after flowering to look their best and we recommend keeping them in pots in a cold greenhouse, polytunnel, cold frame or covered Porch, it is best to place them somewhere outside somewhere cool and airy for the summer months though!

Pictures include some stunning photography from Annaick Guitteny who photographed onsite prior to Chelsea 2018 

All Auriculas are grown in a 7cm or 9cm pots. 
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